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2014 has been an amazing journey for me. I learnt so much this year and risked a lot to pursue my dreams. For so long I have held myself back because I was afraid of failure, afraid of what others might say, think or do. But this year I braved a lot to start my ventures: My blog, my writing, my business.

I am glad I did.

I have learnt a lot that I do not regret at all the sacrifices I had to make to get here. I learnt that to grow, to succeed you have to stop dreaming and start acting. I learnt that development takes time, it’s a process. Regardless of what anybody tells you, it is hard to jump the process and come on top. To really grow, you have to learn the ropes, you have to apply what you learnt and then watch the results carefully, tweaking your initial plans to help foster enhanced growth.

I am going to do that to Simply Quintessential.

I developed SQ to be a blog that will provide insights on business, career, style and relationships. During inception, I designed SQ for an ambitious woman who still wants to enjoy the simple and singular moments of life. I designed SQ to help a woman with vision achieve her dreams, maintain a healthy relationship and still look good while doing that.

But it has not been all rosy for me.

I have learnt overtime what my readers want. I have had to tweak my plans. But it is all part of progress. And today I am happy to announce that soon SQ will be undergoing major changes come 2015.

New Year, new things.

In January 2015, I intend to change the appearance of SQ to be something more lively and appealing. I also want to make it super easy for my readers to find interesting articles across various categories but still feel at home on my blog. I want the blog to be cozy, enticing and insanely helpful. I will also bring in new contributors to the blog who will specialise in different topics. The reason for this is to provide a richer reading experience. Which topic will I focus on? You might have to wait and find out. I will also be willing to accept articles from interested volunteers. So if you have an interesting story or insight to share with us, please feel welcome to do so.

There are more changes in the offing but those will be revealed at the right time. Thanks for being here for me and for reading SQ. You are the reason I work so hard to improve SQ and I really hope you enjoy the changes. Till then, I will you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

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