Real People, Real Businesses: How Nikky Naz is conquering the blogosphere in her own way

Hi lovelies. Hope you had a splendid weekend. Mine was too short, but I do welcome another week to reveal how you can improve your life.

After going through some questions from my subscribers, I decided to start a new series on my website. It’s called “Real People, Real Businesses”. In this series I interview people who  have made strides in their businesses or career and I share the interview with you. The purpose of the interview is to inspire and motivate you by showing you how these real people started their businesses/careers despite all odds and how they plan to grow.

Our first guest is Chidinma Naze. Chidinma Naze (fondly called Nikky Naz) is a good friend of mine and has been blogging for a while. When I decided to start the series “Real People, Real Businesses”, I reached out to her and she gladly agreed to an interview.

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If you have plans to start a blog, then you must read this interview; which reveals some truths about blogging you might not find anywhere else.


What would people find fascinating about you, if only they knew?

I’m a Virgin

You have been blogging for how long?

Almost 3 years

What made you decide to venture into blogging?

It is a very long story I intend to tell in full detail after I make it big as a blogger .  I always enjoyed reading blogs and reader’s comments, watching news especially bizarre juicy ones and entertainment, always had interests in the lifestyle of the rich and famous etc. When a certain event that had to do with a job /career change happened in my life, I got blogging out of circumstance, but was elated I could run mine with time.

What are the toughest challenges you have had to face as a blogger?

Electricity- Electricity to power one’s blogging computer in a place like Nigeria with epileptic power supply is a major challenge. Internet may be affordable, but diesel and petrol aren’t so cheap especially when you aren’t making money from your blog per say.

Never ending news- News and events never end. When I decide to go for a wedding or face other aspects of my life, lots of events happen. It is often difficult to keep up sometimes.

Reduced Social life/ Time Consuming- Blogging as interesting as it may be can affect your social life and consume your time. You discover you spend so much time indoors on your computer and have less time to socialize. A chic has gotta mingle to be married loool.

Irate reactions by victims of some stories : Sometimes, people are irate when you want to take pictures ,  cover a live story or report their gists. I once had my smartphone smashed after I took some pictures from a juicy scene .I could go on and on.

What are the 3 biggest benefits you offer your readers and why should they visit your blog often?

Juicy gist,  I’m a blunt person and have no reservations posting some articles many may deem as unfit for a Christian( sex, nudes etc).

People should visit the blog often because I’m spontaneous. As long as the gist isn’t orchestrated to falsely tarnish ones image and I get wind of it, I’ll report it.

Currently, how do you monetize your blog?

Basically through Ad dynamo ads, but the payment process is slow. I however decided not to concentrate on the monetary reward at the moment, but on the passion and excitement it gives me. Hopefully with time, money will come.

Blogging is a tough terrain. What tips can you recommend that you only share with a close friend (or anyone lucky enough to read this blog)?

Do not go into blogging to make money alone, you’ll be frustrated because the money doesn’t automatically roll in. Do it out of passion and because you enjoy it.

Looking into the next 3-5 years, what can you predict for your blog?

Hopefully, it will be bigger and better with ads everywhere plus increased readership and followership

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Let’s get a little personal here. What is your ‘best-kept’ secret that keeps you shining the way you do?

Being happy inside. Truth is, my life isn’t perfect on every side, but I spend alot of time reading inspirational books, getting to know God better etc and it changes my outlook on life.

When situations sometimes give me reasons not to shine or be happy, I concentrate /focus on some messages from the books or my bible and I’m filled with increased faith , hope and Joy .

How would you define your fashion style?

Very colourful and fun. I love colourful outfits. If it pops and has a great cut, I’ll rock it.

How do you relax and unwind?

Reading inspirational books, blogging, shopping, listening to music

Which will you prefer: A vacation at the Bahamas or an adventure in Singapore?

Vacation at the Bahamas. Always wanted to travel to the Caribbean Islands

Any something special you would love to share with us?

Love yourself. If you don’t love you, who will? Respect yourself and others ,  serve and love God. He will never leave nor forsake you.


Thanks Nikky Naz. To check out her blog please click here.

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