What to do when you are paralyzed by the fear of failing again (with photos)

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Sometimes life hits you so hard that you dread waking up in the morning.

You have done everything you could to be successful. You have worked so hard, stayed till midnight tickering with your latest project only for it to fail. Again. Like a few others before it.

I know how that feels. Because I have been there.

The despair. The frustration. The annoyance that surges through your veins as you see your peers succeed while you are left in a rut. 

And so now, you don’t want to try anymore. You want to give in to the voices in your head, the voices of your friends, the voices of your neighbours, the voices of family. You want to ditch it all and never bother again.

But here is the thing.

It won’t make you feel better.

Deep inside you know that you will always wonder, “what if i tried one more time?”

I am a classical example of this case. In the article 10 reasons why failure could be your best friend, I reveal how I failed in my first three attempts at blogging. but I didn’t let that stop me and today Simply Quintessential is a thriving blogs with thousands of visitors and growing.

Successful people are not quitters

Thomas Edison didn’t let 99 failures stop him from inventing the electric bulb.

Simeon Ononobi of SimplePay didn’t let failure stop him even when he had to sell his property to pay off his staff and his startup was looking bankruptcy in the face. He held on and in 2013, Simplepay emerged 1st runner-up in the Seedstars World competition, thus securing $330,000 in funding. Today, SimplePay covers over 60,000 transactions a month, generating between 80 to 100 million naira ( $372,000 to $465,000)

If Simeon let go when his company was bankrupt, his story would have been much different.

Do you ever feel like letting go? Like you have reached your breaking point? Like you have lost too much?

Don’t abandon your dreams yet. Try just one more time. Tweak something. Do something else in a different way or try a new approach. need more inspiration? Then the images below are just for you:

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I hope these motivational quotes spurs you. I hope it fills you with the zeal and will to give your dreams one more try.

You might have to close shop temporarily just to get a 9-5 job and save the money to start again.

You might have to change the vision of your company just so that it can have a fighting chance.

You might have to start work on a completely new idea, with the lessons learned from the failure of the first one.

Whatever you do, do not give up.

You will achieve your dreams, beyond your wildest imagination, but only if you persevere.

Have you faced terrible challenges in the past? Are you facing one right now? tell me in the comments and I will encourage or advise you on what you should do to make things better. 

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