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There are two types of people in this world.

People who wait for opportunities to drop from the skies into their laps and those who go out there, to create their own opportunities.

In the same vein: there are two types of bloggers

  • Bloggers who wait for something to happen to make their blogs successful
  • Bloggers who work and face the storm to ensure that they create the opportunity for their blogs to be successful.

Now, I will be frank with you: Blogging is no walk in the park. In the past decade, blogging got so complex, technical and competitive that starting a blog these days is like enrolling into an university; there is just so much to learn.

So how do you start a blog you are absolutely sure will help you fire your 9-5 boss? How do you ensure you don’t fall into the unfortunate pool of bloggers who have never been able to make a cent from their blogs?

I compiled a list of articles that will help you build a profitable blog. Afterall, making some extra money from something you love is never a bad thing. Nor is it a bad thing if your blog can bring in 6-figures each month, so you can spend time with those that really matter in your life.

1. Planning:

Before you jump into building a blog, you must first know what your blog will be all about. You must also know how you can turn a profit with your blog. Fail at this step and your blogging will be a horrific experience to put it mildly.

blogger daveGreg Narayan explains all you need to know in about planning your blog in his recent article: Guide Part 1: How to plan your new blog perfectly


blogger Don pI love how Don Purdum showed how planning can triple your sales in weeks in this post: Why my Business trippled in 6 weeks

Don reveals that clarity + focus =execution. And I agree completely with him because lucrative blogging requires intentional efforts. Profits don’t just automatically spring from blogging.


2. Content:

We all know Content is king. But many bloggers do not know how to package their really useful blog posts in a way that will attract, entice and seduce their target audience. If you want to be a popular blogger, then I do urge you to learn how to speak to your readers in a personal manner, like you are having a conversation with them. No matter how knowledgeable you are, your content must never sound like you are speaking down to your reader.

Blogger sue AnneSue Anne is good at building an engaged audience with her unique content. In this post on her blog, you will find out why. Proven Ways to write Killer Blog Content and get more readers


3. Build a platform:

When Neil Patel started his food blog, he first started by building a Facebook page for the blog even before he had written a single post. Its very frustrating when you watch your wonderful content gather dust because nobody is reading it. I recently started work on a blog project (will write about my experiences one day) and the first thing I did was to build a Facebook following for this blog. Micheal Hyatt shows just how important a platform is in this video

For the blog project, I knew that building a platform is extremely important. I first created a facebook page, acquired followers and shared other people’s content with them. I shared other bloggers content so that I can tell what my facebook followers loved. I then built a blog and only created content similiar to those that had many likes and shares. The result? Constant traffic and a daily growth of the email list. And the blog is just three weeks old. I do intend to intensify on my platform building efforts on that blog and will share how I did it all when I have attained my targets.
You should focus on building your platform even before you start creating constant quality content. These articles below will help you know how to go about that:

Why you need a platform to succeed

The best first steps to develop your online platform

blogger AskDeniseDennis Wakeman goes more in-depth in her article: How do i start building my platform? #AskDennis ( a must read for anybody serious about how to develop a platform)


4. Relationships.

bloggers   How to Explode Your BlogEver been to Adrienne’s blog? Have you noticed how many comments and social shares every single one of her posts have? This is because she is a master at building relationships. If you want a blog that won’t die out, then you need an engaged audience who hang on your every word.

Adrienne shows how you can do this in this post: How to build relationships through blogging

5. Promotion

Building relationships and a platform is only part of the equation. If you really want a successul blog, you must be ready to promote your blog content 80% of the time. That’s Derek Halpern’s theory and this strategy is adopted by most successful bloggers. Nobody will know you have great content sitting on your blog if you don’t share that content with your email list, social media followers and other connections. There is an on-going debate about whether you should blog daily, weekly or monthly. My take is: it all comes done to the revenue. If you run Google ads on your blog, then it makes sense to blog regularly. If you don’t have google ads on your blog, but want to sell your services and products, I say spend less time writing articles (20%) and spend more time promoting it (80%) so that people who will pay for these services and products can hear about you and visit your blog.

6. Revenue

Now we can talk about one of the reasons you started blogging in the first place. Now making money with a blog is pretty easy when you have an engaged platform who trust and hang on your every word. There are various ways of making money from a blog and they can be broadly categorised as followblogger enstine mukis:

    • Ads: This is the easiest way to monetize your website. From Google Adsense to Product reviews, anything you do on your blog that involves praising/showcasing another person’s product for monetary gains falls into this category. Enstine Muki does a terrific job of explaining 15 ways you can use this method to make money as a blogger: 15 ways bloggers can make money blogging


    • Consulting: According to Jon Morrow of BoostBlogTraffic, selling ebooks on your blog is a waste of precious time if you have not undergone this step first. Leading internet marketers bloggers bbt Make Money Blogging  20 Lessons Going to  100K per Monthlike Neil Patel, Brian Moran, Jon Morrow all underwent this step. They offered consulting. Some still do till date. Consulting is really interesting and is only a right fit if you know your onions. In this post, Jon Morrow lets you know that a surefire way to make money from your blog is to start with services, then expand to products. Make Money Blogging: 20 lessons going from 0 to $100,000 per month.
  • Freelance Gigs: This is the way I currently make money from this blog. By getting writing gigs for high-profile clients. All I have to do is show them what I am capable of writing and they are interested. To do this with your blog, you will need to join a number of job boards so that you can be aware of writing gigs for bloggers. Some job boards I recommend are:
  1. Problogger
  2. BlogExpose
  3. Upwork
  4. Not a writer? Maybe you are a designer or developer? Check out these sites for good-paying freelance jobs

Notice I did not talk about SEO, traffic generation, email list building. Why? Because these are tactics in a strategy. Some bloggers chase after the latest SEO fad or traffic generation trick without knowing the underlying strategy. Build a platform first, create really helpful content for this platform and work on developing a strong relationships with this platform and things like SEO, traffic generation and email list growth will happen as a result of this. People will become repeat visitors of your blog and happy customers of your services/products not because Google told them to but because you gave them what they wanted and built their trust in you.

Notice how I put revenue last. Trying to sell to people who don’t know and trust you is trying to put the cart before the horse. There is no way you will be able to sell a consulting service of $1000/hr or an online course of $10,000/yr if no one knows if you will be able to deliver what you promised.

So over to you? How have you been able to build a lucrative blog? What plans do you intend to use and build a successful blog?

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22 thoughts on “How to Start a Lucratively Successful Blog”

  1. Hello Chioma the quintessential lady,I love this post. And I have been looking forward to when you would post again, so immediately i saw this, I rushed over.

    I like the way you compared two types of people to two types of bloggers. That was incredible. I see myself in the second category. I mean, that is why I am here, reading this and trying to make my already started blog a lucrative one. ha-ha

    I read a very wonderful article by Kevin at ‘be a better blogger dot com’. He called it the howdy neighbour technique. It was one of the best I have seen so far and very similar to your 4th point about relationships.

    Yeah, I have been to Adrienne’s blog. (Shout out to you Adrienne if you see this. You are doing an incredible job and I hope to be like you when I grow up.)

    You know what, I am going to save this page and visit it later so I can check out these other great people you mentioned here too. What you said about blogging being like a university is so true, so learning is a must for me.

    Way to go the quintessential lady

    (By the way today is my dad’s birthday. i guess his excitement is rubbing ff on me finally. haha)
    Toby Nwazor recently posted…10 Signs you should not Say “I do”My Profile

    1. Hi Toby,

      Your visits do uplift my spirit. You really are the charmer. And of course you belong to the second group of bloggers. I see the way you work so hard on your blog and the zeal with which you reach out to help others.

      Kevin Duncan of Be A Better Blogger is one of my favs. I read his content hungrily and his latest post on how to completely discourage engagement and comments in one’s blog really had me in stitches. And there were a lot of valuable lessons to learn too, on how to increase engagements on one’s website. You are absolutely right: Relationships are important for the growth of any blog.

      I am an avid reader of Adrienne’s blog. I love how she relates with her readers and her relationship building skills attract me all the time to her blog.

      Wow! Today’s your Dad’s birthday. Please wish him a happy birthday from me. I pray he lives long and stays strong. I also pray he never lacks. Glad to see you love your dad so much. I won’t be surprised if you are his carbon copy 😉

  2. Hey Chioma,
    You are up again with another mind blowing blog post. This is a perfect piece for anyone getting into blogging.

    People often get scammed by some wicked marketers who go around preaching that blogging is easy just to sell their crap. They have some rehashed ebooks claiming to have the golden method to make millions with a blog.

    It takes had work, strategic planning and of course time.

    You have mentioned some very actionable resource and I have read some of them. Thanks for adding my post to the list. I’m sure your readers will really appreciate it 😉

    Yeah, it’s good to really be mentioned here and I really appreciate it dear friend.

    Do have a splendid weekend 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…WhatsApp your phone date is inaccurate ~ FIXED!My Profile

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Thanks for your kind words. Blogging is not easy and I am going through that process again in a project I was handed. The only difference now is that I am prepared with a strategy. A lot of bloggers (new and old) do struggle with blogging. There is just so much to learn and I really wanted to help as much as I can.

      You are right: People get scammed by some really wicked marketers who claim that blogging is a piece of cake. And you are right about the work, strategic planning and time it takes to build a lucrative blog especially because you have gone through all this to build your blog into the power house it is.

      I learn a lot from you blog and there was no way I wasn’t going to share this. I know my readers will love to read your post especially since it showed every single way you can make money advertising another person’s product.

      Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed your visit. Do have a wonderful weekend too 😉
      Chioma Anozie recently posted…How to Start a Lucratively Successful BlogMy Profile

  3. Hi Chioma,

    You are absolutely right… blogging is not for the faint of heart and without clarity around your business that leads to focusing on the right strategies and goals that come from clarity blogging is nearly impossible.

    In recent months I’ve worked with several prominent bloggers who on the surface look like they are doing great… lots of comments and engagement – but due to the lack of clarity they were not messaging in a way that would attract those who are able, ready and willing to buy from them.

    So, their blog is successful based on the metric of engagement and traffic but their business is not successful based on sales and growth.

    Clarity is the key driver that enables business growth because you are in tune with your target audiences.

    Thanks so much for sharing my article Chioma. What an incredible blessing!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…How to Hire the Right Web Designer and Avoid a Major DisasterMy Profile

    1. Hi Don,

      You pointed out a really strong point here. A lot of times social engagement like comments and a ton of shares does not equate to sales and business growth. When I read your article on how you tripled your business in just 6 weeks, I knew I had to share it. And you make a very strong point: A blogger must be clear on their goals and must be focused so they can execute. They also have to be objective and flexible so that based on results they get they will know what next to do to take their blogs to the next level.

      Another blog post you wrote that resonated with me is that “You are not your ideal customer”. A lot of bloggers get this confused. They presume their customers should be people like them. But you show clearly that that is a wrong assumption.

      Your blog is stock-full of some much insights that I had to struggle to choose one. Your blog is definitely a must-read for any serious blogger.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. It is always a pleasure to receive you. Do have a splendid weekend too 🙂

  4. Hi Chioma,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, blogging isn’t as easy as so many people make it out to be. I think the initial writing of the content is what turns out to be the easiest but even when that’s not done right it can be a disaster.

    What most people don’t understand is that this is a process. As Don mentioned, you do have to have a clear vision of what your business is before you even start and then from there just understand that it’s going to take some time to build up an audience before you even start even think about making money. People don’t buy from those they don’t know, like or trust so that’s going to take time. And even with a lot of the statistics that are being proven today that we want to see a bunch of what you share before we’ll even consider purchasing something from you. It’s a process but one you have to be invested in if you want to do well.

    I appreciate you sharing my post and for the nice things you said. I’ve always known that relationships were huge but I guess like everyone else I thought that most people just had their little click and no one else was invited in. I couldn’t have been more wrong and I’m glad I was actually. It’s the help of the people you connect with that will help get your name and content out in front of others so you can start to be noticed more and maybe that process won’t end up taking as long as it normally does.

    Thanks though for sharing all these wonderful people with your readers and their own area of expertise with what it takes to make this all work. There is SO much that goes into play with blogging but boy is it worth it.

    Great share Chioma and thanks again. You have a wonderful weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…Magical Monday: Blog Traffic, Success, Blogging, LinkedInMy Profile

    1. Hey Adrienne,

      You are absolutely right: Blogging is not a vacation. It is work, even requires more work than some traditional jobs. Many new bloggers get it wrong when they think that if they write an article and share a link on their timeline, then an avalanche of traffic from facebook, twitter etc will nearly breakdown their servers. They get a harsh reality check when they discover that writing an article is just one part of the puzzle (the easiest as you mentioned). They have to now share this article with people who will care about it.

      I have learnt through many experiences that the best way to get the right people to visit your blog is to build a good platform and also to build lasting relationships with other bloggers. To ensure your blog will become a profitable business you must do as Don said which is to have clarity and be focused.

      I have learned a lot from you, Don and all the bloggers in this post. As you pointed out, blogging is a process. While there is no one-rule-fits-all in blogging, there are certain guidelines that help. I really hope to help other bloggers, that is why I compiled this list. I enjoyed your post a lot and there was no way I wouldn’t add it here.

      Blogging sure is complex, I agree. And it never gets easy, even for probloggers. But it sure is worth it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Adrienne. I always love your visits. Do have a splendid weekend too.

  5. Hey Chioma,nice post.

    I now see why you didn’t mention SEO OR traffic generation, the reason is most newbie bloggers are not ready to Plan, Write Quality Content, Build Platform and others you’re mentioned above which is going to be very bad for their blogging business…I’ve just discover your blog few months ago, I have to say this…YOU ARE GREAT! i love every bit of information you’ve share in here because they worked for me i hope others enjoy it too.

    Have a great weekend Chioma.
    Saminu Eedris recently posted…The most annoying thing about using Wi-Fi on your iPhone now has a solutionMy Profile

    1. Hi Saminu,

      Thanks for your kind words. I do agree that SEO and traffic generation is important but there must be a foundation before you start building in blocks of SEO and start using diverse traffic generation methods. The foundation is to grow a platform that enjoy your topic and to build relationships with other bloggers (in your niche or marsupial niches). That is when it will be easy to get good results when you then start implementing SEO hacks and traffic generation measures. In fact, a good platform will always drag targeted traffic to your website.

      Saminu, you do say the nicest things. I am glad to hear that my insights are working for you. Keep up the good work and you just might give Linda Ikeji a run for her money :). Remember to be focused and keep pushing for what you want.

      Do have a great weekend too.

  6. Hi Chioma,

    Informative post, indeed! 🙂

    I believe that this article will be useful for those who want to build their blog and want their blogs to be profitable for them. You have given the steps in building a profitable blog. That’s great!

    Indeed, all good things begin with a good plan too. I like the way you convey important messages in this article. And you also bring with you some great bloggers whom I respect. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this round up post with us, Chioma.
    I’m off to share this article. It’s really a great one!

    Have a splendid weekend for you!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…THANKS To My Comment Authors ~ July 2015 Engagement Report!My Profile

    1. Hi Nanda,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I agree that this post will be terrific for new bloggers and bloggers looking for how to monetize their blogs. Blogging is not an easy job and it requires a good measure of planning in order to succeed lucratively.

      I have learned a lot from these bloggers and could not help sharing their work. I am currently building another blog from the ground up, so many of the information I shared here is what I am using firsthand.

      Thanks for sharing my article, Nanda 🙂
      Do have a wonderful weekend too.

  7. Chioma, thanks for these wonderful tips. Procrastination has really held me back in starting my career blog more than 7 months now. The twin sister I bought the domain together has really gone far and I really beginning to think if I can still cover up for lost ground. Planning is simply key not just in blogging but in everything.

    1. Hi James,

      Welcome to my blog 🙂
      Procrastination really affects everyone. But I am glad you still have zeal to start your career blog. While good timing is desirable, you can still achieve success if you are diligent and focused.

      A career blog will be hot cake, if you focus on providing your ideal clients (final year students, fresh graduates and underpaid workers) what they really need: which is not just available job positions but solid strategies on how to get those jobs. Consider also trying to catch your ideal audience offline, not just online, by organizing free career seminars and workshops. Even if you don’t have money to do this in a big way, start with your church youth and as you grow your audience from there, move to bigger ground.

      If you are really certain you want to start a career blog, then start now. A year from today, if you are focused and clear on your goals and have a solid plan, you will be glad you did.
      You are right James, planning is everything in all aspects of life. He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. I really enjoyed your visit 🙂

  8. Hi Chioma,

    My first time around here. Blogging for profit is just like every other business, its funny how people handle it otherwise.

    If the motive is to make money, then you must be willing to invest your time (in writing quality post, and promoting them) or your money in getting someone to do the work for you.

    Great resources you’ve compiled up there, I am familiar with some of the names, and would surely check out the ones I haven’t heard of before now.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead of you.
    Augustus recently posted…5 Habits of Unhappy People: How to Be Happy.My Profile

    1. Hi Augustus,

      Its such a pleasure to have you on my blog. You are absolutely right about blogging being similar to every other business out there. Most people start a retail outlet and don’t expect to make a profit in three months. But the same people will start a blog and expect to start drowning in profits in 3 days!

      Many atimes, they don’t even expect to work harder (if not harder) on a blog than they would in a retail outlet. This notion is so wrong because, like you mentioned, it takes some real investment of your time and your money and your intellect to be able to turn your blog into a lucrative business.

      Nice to know you are already familiar with some of the bloggers mentioned here. I read the content of all these bloggers and I can assure you that they are experts at what they do.

      Thanks so much for visiting. I really enjoyed your visit. Do have a great week too. 🙂

  9. Hi Chioma!

    Wonderful post. Instead of starting with SEO, which many bloggers do, you are teaching the foundation skills that are based on community.
    Blogging takes a lot of hard work and planning as well as trial and error.
    You raised some great points about promotions. I talk to many bloggers that spend no time on this. It’s a huge part of the blogging cycle and must be included in whatever time is planned for blogging.
    How often to blog is always a question I get from others. My answer is always, whatever you can fit into your schedule on a consistent basis. I see bloggers make the mistake of attempting to blog daily when their schedule simply won’t allow it – then they give up due to overwhelm.
    Do you have a recommended posting schedule?
    Thanks for the great roundup!
    Lisa recently posted…How to Grow Your Business with Online Content MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your kind words too. I have been involved in a lot of arguments where some bloggers tell me that SEO determines how successful a blog will be. While I do not dispute that, I strongly believe (from experience) that a strong foundation is needed for SEO and that foundation is your platform( or community of readers who enjoy hearing from you). I often tell new bloggers not to get drowned in the complexity of SEO but to start by building relationships with human beings.

      I completely agree with you: Blogging takes a lot of hard work. Its a continual learning process steeped in trial and error as you pointed out.

      I do a lot of promotion for my posts. I have tried blogging daily and blogging weekly and so far, blogging weekly gets the best traction for my blog. I believe this is so because blogging weekly gives me enough time to promote my posts, attract traffic and still interact with my followers. You made a valid point when you mentioned that people should blog according to their schedule. If a blogger has a 9-5 job, then blogging daily will quickly burn him out.

      For my weekly posts, I have found thursdays to be my best day. Mondays have been my worst till date. I do intend to keep testing because as an audience grows bigger, certain norms tend to change. I do recommend that bloggers test and find out which days their audiences are more receptive to blog posts, then schedule posts for those days.

      Thanks for visiting, Lisa. I did enjoy your visit.

  10. Hi Chioma

    Hats off to you for such an awesome post and you stated a very clear strategy to making a successful blog. I was drawn to your blogging project and I loved the tips that you shared as they are spot on.

    Bloggers need to plan plus they need a platform where they can share their ideas and see what their fans love. You did not talk about any SEO strategy and this is interesting when we are in a trend where bloggers chase after SEO latest trends. It goes to show that relationship wins all the time.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      Thanks for your kind words. Its always a pleasure to have you here. My blogging project is focused on the fashion and beauty niche. Extremely competitive and there are a myriad of factors to consider but its interesting too and I am enjoying overcoming challenges to meet set targets.

      Bloggers do need a plan, I agree. Many new bloggers delve in, thinking blogging is still as simple and easy as it was in 2001. It no longer is. Its harder and only the tough survive in this terrain. And the tough normally have a plan.

      I did’t talk of SEO. Granted SEO is important but my advice to new bloggers is this, forget SEO in the first year. Focus on building relationships and connection and a tribe. Relationship really is important and like you pointed out, it wins all the time. SEO won’t get an influential blogger to recommend you to his audience but a good relationship with that blogger will.

      Thanks for stopping by and blessing my day. Do have a wonderful day too.

  11. You made a well thought out list Chioma, the Irony of it all is that new wannabe’s upturn the sequence and put revenue generation top on the list.

    Another thing which i feel is also important is to READ! READ!! READ!!. There will always be new things to learn once a person goes into blogging, all these new stuff are already on the internet, all we have to do is try to read them up and learn because that is the primary purpose of these contents. People who rely on their own knowledge alone will always get stuck and find it frustration many times.

    Yes blogging is very lucrative, but going into blogging with the sole aim of making money without planning to create an impact by creating quality content and viable relationships with seriously have an adverse effect on your blogging career.

    I hope New Bloggers will make proper utility out of this master piece you have put out here. Great Post, Keep up the good work.
    Benny Mark recently posted…Google Allo Messaging App ReviewMy Profile

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