The Secret Sauce of Instant Success


If you are more than 10 years old, you must have noticed something fishy about life.  Ask the school girl who painfully watched the coveted spot of lead dancer she wanted so badly and worked so hard for go to the richest girl in class simply because the girl’s father was the chief sponsor of the school’s cultural festival. Ask the boy, who hates going to school because his bully who happens to be the Principal’s son, has never been punished regardless of how many times this bully had been reported. They will tell you one thing:

Life is Unfair.

And it only gets worse. Many graduates must have discovered that graduating with a first class or second class upper might get you an interview but it can never guarantee you will get the job. Many entrepreneurs must have discovered that having the best product in the market does not guarantee your product will be an instant hotsell and profit maker.

Far from it.

If you are missing the secret sauce, then your path to success will be long, tiring and filled with frustrations. What is the secret sauce?

It is your Connections.

Why Connections can Make you Successful Almost Overnight.

The old adage stills hold true, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Like it or not, “who you know” determines how successful you will be. I remember when I wanted to do a book launch. Two weeks to the date, I didn’t have any candidates to make the keynote speech about my book. I went to one of my mentors and a dear friend, Mrs. Ezeani, telling her my predicament. The very next day, she called me to tell me that she had arranged a topnotch magistrate -who is currently chief judge- to do my book review and deliver a spectacular speech for me on my launch day.

Without my mentor, there is no way I would have known this top achiever. Without my mentor, there is no way I would have approached this trailblazer and convinced her to make space in her busy schedule for me. Because of my mentor, she inconvenienced herself that day by going to a family occasion early and cutting short the amount of time she was supposed to spend there, then sped to the other side of town, just to grace the book launch of a woman that she didn’t even know three weeks prior.

And my case is just an example of how 1 powerful connection can make your life and success, so much easier. Listed below are the reasons connections make you an instant success.

1. Their success will rub off on you: 

Imagine going to a networking event and someone you have never seen before is introduced as Bill Gates’ protege. Won’t you immediately start seeing the person in a new light? Won’t you find yourself admiring, respecting and actually listening to this previously unknown person?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are no different from 98% of humans.

This is because humans are wired to respect achievers because we all crave to be stellar achievers. Once you can connect yourself to an achiever, the respect rubs off on you. Subconsciously, people start to think “if an achiever can respect this person, who am I not to respect this person?” or “If an achiever knows and recommends this person, then this person must be worth knowing and respecting”

2. They will inspire and motivate you 

Achievers are not driven by jealous rage. Can you imagine Warren Buffet being jealous of anybody? Or Aliko Dangote, one of the richest men in Africa, backstabbing another person?


Why? Because they are accomplished. They have achieved a huge percentage of what they wanted to achieve in their lives. One peculiar thing I have noticed about achievers is that they lift people up. They try to inspire and motivate people. They reveal how they achieved their successes, where they made costly mistakes so that you can replicate their successes.

My sister Ify, got this right when she entered university. She immediately attached herself to achievers (older students who are brilliant, were on scholarship and had huge dreams) and they guided her rightly. She went on to secure a PTDF scholarship throughout her stay in Nigeria, then a commonwealth scholarship for postgraduate studies in Cambridge and within a month of graduating from Cambridge got a job in one of the most prestigious companies in the UK.

The reason her story is different from so many graduates out there is because she aligned herself with achievers.

3.  They will introduce you to other industry leaders

Once you are a protege of an achiever, you life will be miles better than a highly brilliant guy that has no achievers to back him up. Achievers take delight in introducing you to their network of friends. And guess what? An achiever’s network of friends is made up of fellow achievers. This is exemplified by my mentor knowing a trailblazer who is currently a chief judge.

4. They will root for you

Once you prove yourself to an achiever, once you show that you are a hardworking, dedicated, focused and loyal individual, then the sky will be your starting point. Because this achiever will recommend you to not just their friends, but their clients and customers. LightWedge CEO experienced this firsthand. Before his product, a book light, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, this book light was averaging $3,700 a day. The day it appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, all Oprah said was, “I need to get me one of these.” and sales skyrocketed to $90,000 that afternoon. 

Once an achiever recommends you or your product, you are on a fast-track to success.

5. Their advice can save you from losses worth millions

One common thing about achievers is that a lot of them had to make a lot of costly mistakes during their lifetime. Some of these mistakes cost them dearly in cash and relationships. So when you pitch an idea to an achiever, they will immediately advise you based on the experiences they have had, not on some theoretical assumptions many false gurus base their supposed “foolproof” strategies on.

I am a typical example of this case. Previously, in my first three failed blogs, I did something many rookie entrepreneurs do. I looked for an easy, shortcut to success. I met a lot of genuine influencers and achievers but the advice they gave me, I did not like. This is because the advice involved a lot of sweat, consistency and a minimum of 6 months to get to success. I wanted success in 3 days. So I instead chose to adhere to the advice of fake gurus, who promised that if you just implemented their tips and tricks, you will be on your way to insta-success in as little as a week.

Fast-forward 3 years, a lot of money down the drain, a lot of wasted effort and many frustrations, and now I am obeying the genuine influencers and achievers. And so far I have achieved a whole lot more than the nothing I achieved with the fake gurus.

6. They make it easier for clients and customers to build a relationship with you. 

I have never met Bill Gates but I already trust him. Achievers are trusted. It’s the unfair principle of life. When an achiever recommends something to his clients or customers, the trust factor is instant.

Recently, one of my neighbours, Chike,  got a posh job. The job was a managerial position in a pharmaceutical firm with the benefits of a car and a three-bedroom apartment in a choice neighbourhood. Here is the real gist: He NEVER applied for the job. In fact he didn’t even know the job existed until he was called to accept or reject the offer.

No Interview. No Aptitude tests. Nothing.

So how did he get the job? An individual known as a topnotch performer was previously offered the job. But this topnotch performer had so much work choking him, that he couldn’t accept the offer. Instead he made a recommendation. Chike was hired without even an interview to judge his skills but simply based on word-of-mouth referral. This simply points out that this topnotch performer has achieved so much that if he can be impressed by and recommend somebody, that person must be of his calibre. And the funny thing? Chike is not even related to this topnotch performer by blood or family ties. This recommendation was made purely out of a singular past business interaction.

How You can make connections with Achievers

1. Attend networking events. Though they are pricey, they are really important and is a suitable ground to mingle and meet achievers in similar industries. I greatly recommend attending an event at least once a year.

2. Help people: Do not scrimp from helping people no matter who they are, or what they do. Do not monetize everything you do. Sometimes extend favors to people, clients, customers because in the long term these favors can snowball into a leverage/recommendation for you.

3. Always deliver your best: Where I come from there is an adage, “the legs that walk about, is monitored closely by the eyes that look about”

Meaning that everything you do is watched by someone you do not know. When you over-deliver or supersede expectations, people are watching. When its time to make recommendations, your name will be the first to spring out of their lips.

4. Become a protege: No mentor will watch as their protege sinks and do nothing about it. Because a protege’s failure becomes their own failure. Which is why, in the political arena, unknown politicians attach themselves with accomplished godfathers in order to increase their chances of clinching a political position. Bringing this argument homeward, it is very safe to argue that without Tinubu’s influence and participation, Gen. Buhari will not have won the presidential seat.

5. Always seek an opportunity to help an achiever: Economics lets us know that human needs are insatiable. Contrary to popular belief, achievers do not have it all. There is always a favour you can extend to them. Many achievers will not hesitate to return a favor if you ask.

So there you have it. Did I miss anything? Do you know other ways of attracting the attention of achievers? let’s know in the comments.

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6 delightfully easy ways to manage your time and still get your dream job


Seeking a job can turn into a full-time job – from finding suitable jobs to apply for, to researching about the company and tailoring your CV to fit each job role. This can soon become depressing and frustrating as you try to juggle your present work responsibilities, demanding relationships, self-development and family commitments.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You need time to improve yourself. You need time to nurture your relationship. You need time to focus on work responsibilities (even if you are paid peanuts). Job hunting should not have to drain most of your time and resources. It should be treated as what it is: A job hunt, and should be managed like that or you won’t have a life!

How to Manage Your Time and Job-Hunt wisely.

  1. You need to make up your mind, what field you are interested in. I discourage applying for every single job position you see or hear about. Instead focus on what interests you. Is your interest in Engineering? Software development? Networking? Journalism?
  2. Sign-up for job updates in this field that interests you. There are many job sites out there. I highly recommend: Jobberman, Hotnigerianjob, joblistnigeria, PushCV
  3. Allocate a certain time in the day to apply for jobs. This could be in the evening or very early in the morning. It could be for two or three hours. Be specific and disciplined about this. Let’s say you allocated 6pm-8pm as your job-hunt time. Once it is 6pm, stop whatever you are doing and start job hunting.
  4. Let everyone know your job-hunt time is a no-disturbance time. That is why it is advised to select a period when you are less likely to be disturbed.
  5. Close all distractions (like facebook, twitter, instagram) and focus on your job-hunting during that time.
  6. Set a target for yourself. It could be that you should apply for at least three jobs everyday.

A lot of people tell me that they do not have a job, hence they can apply at any time. I tell them that its wrong. Why? because no company is interested in someone who is not gainfully engaged or employed. So if you do not have a job yet, volunteer for some activity. Even go to an organisation near your house and volunteer your services. The important thing here is to keep your self busy and build your experience. Money should not be considered first in everything.

When fresh out of school, the most important thing is building your skills and experience so that when there is a job opening in a big company, you will already be equipped with the skills and experience they need. (even 1 year experience is better than none).

Most of the people I know who got good jobs started this way. They volunteered their services in a field they are interested in, built skills and experience and immediately a good job opportunity came along, they applied and got the job.

Also spend each day learning something vital in your field. For instance if you want to be a high-profile programmer you can’t go far if you don’t know languages like Java, Php, .Net framework, SQL etc. And everyday you have to write a program or do some coding or you will become rusty and useless. Also you have to subscribe to news in your industry so that you will be updated regularly on recent changes in software architecture or coding practices.

So working (even if its volunteer work) is just one part of it. Updating your knowledge so that it doesn’t become obsolete is another part of it. That is why you have to manage your time wisely, so that as you are applying for jobs, you are also gaining skills, updating your knowledge and increasing your experience.

Always remember: Job-hunting is a tough battle and only those properly equipped (not those who apply to 1 million jobs) win the battle.

9 foolproof tips on securing your dream job


Getting your dream job in Nigeria is about as easy as finding the missing girls (pun intended). The truth is that every year thousands of graduates are released into the Labour market while few jobs are created. The result? A mad scramble for these jobs resulting in loss of scarce resources (you have to spend money to get internet, to transport yourself to these job ventures) and in some cases, loss of life (as witnessed in the immigration recruitment process).

In the end, a few people will get the few good jobs (and by good jobs I mean your dream job), while the rest will have to settle for peanuts-paying jobs or have no job at all.

What is a Good Job?

You know you have a good job when you earn enough to take care of all your needs, send some money to your extended family without flinching, still have enough left to have a vacation every year and yet enjoy doing your job. For many Nigerians, a good job is a job that pays you N400,000 and above.

Where can you get a Good Job?

As a fresh graduate or a graduate with less than 3 years working experience, the only place to get paid really good would be in oil companies (like Exxon Mobil, Total). Next up will be working for multinationals like Unicef. After that would be telecommunication companies.

Very few, if any, local companies can afford to pay a graduate 200k monthly (as at the time of writing).

How do you get the good jobs:

A lot of people believe that jobs are given on a “Who-you-know” basis. While there is an element of truth there, “Who-you-know” won’t keep you in the job if you are incompetent and non-performing. And today, employers are very careful. After wasting resources hiring and then firing a lot of incompetent people, they don’t want to repeat those mistakes anymore.

Now its all about , “what do you know” and “what can you offer us”. If you don’t know anything and can’t offer anything, no matter who you know, you are not getting the job. So if you really want to get a job in a top-notch company where you will be paid well, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Sign-up for job-alert websites like Mylelo Jobsjobberman, hotnigerianjobs, joblistnigeria, PushCv.
  2. Read the job specification very carefully and tailor your CV to the essential criteria making sure your relevant experience is clearly spelt out and near the top.
  3. Get creative with your CV to make it stand out, using keywords like hardworking, fast-learner, team-worker. To design a CV that will stand out, visit LiveResume. I have used them repeatedly and highly recommend them.
  4. Demonstrate your skills on your CV by adding all the working experience you have ever had. Even if at first it may seem unrelated, working as a volunteer, writing your own blog or even working in a bar can demonstrate a range of skills including team work, responsibility and communication.
  5. Research the place you are applying to. Find out what the department specialises in, who works there, what research they have conducted and have this info at hand to impress at the interview or in your supporting statement.
  6. Do you know someone that works in that organisation? Reach out to them. Ask them questions like “what is the recruitment process like?”, “What is expected of me?”. Be open to them about the level of your skills and experience so that they can guide you on what you need to brush up.
  7. If you don’t get shortlisted for interview or don’t get through the interview stage then always ask for feedback. It is the best way to learn where you are going right and where you need to improve.
  8. Do not even consider giving up. Getting a job in an oil company is tough and only the persistent get it. Even if you applied once and failed, apply again. Each time you failed, find out why and improve yourself. You have to be determined to get a job and you have to put the effort in when it comes to applying for and preparing for a job.
  9. Finally, turn up to the interview on time, be smart, polite and friendly and let your personality shine through. Bring examples of your work and think about using a tablet to illustrate your work if it is something more visual or online based.

These tips, though not exhaustive will get you set you apart from thousands of applicants. Remember, he who fails to prepare, is preparing for failure. So prepare for the test, prepare for the interview. Put in the work and be persistent. You will surely succeed. In my next posts I will reveal skills you need to get a job. Want to stay informed? Sign up for my newsletter so that you will be the first to know and can beat everybody else to get the job you deserve.

If you know somebody this article will help, then share it so that they can get a good job and improve their lives.